Useful Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding in Stellenbosch

Posted on Tue December 11, 2018.

The Cape Winelands is a popular region for weddings, and there are also numerous wedding venues in Stellenbosch itself. Amidst the mountainous beauty and vibrant atmosphere, it’s easy to get caught up in the romance.

However, if you’re hoping to have a wedding there, you will need to do some careful planning well in advance.  

Selecting an appropriate wedding venue

Apart from taking the basic considerations into account, such as the amount of guests for the wedding and the overall ambience of the venue, there are some practical considerations to bear in mind.

These include:

  • The venue’s facilities, capabilities and the overall spatial flow – this would ensure that the different elements of the ceremony and reception appear seamless. 
  • The decorative possibilities that the venue offers - be sure to consult or include a decorator during your search.
  • The opportunities the natural light could offer for photographs – ensure that your wedding photographer also scouts the location to optimally capture those special moments.
  • The availability of local suppliers – using those in the region that are possibly familiar with the venue could also save on logistical costs.
  • The venue’s accessibility for your guests – if your guest list includes foreign guests, who aren’t familiar with the area, take this into account.

Guest accommodation in Stellenbosch

The bridal party and guests often need to stay close to the wedding venue, especially if they’ve come from afar. Provide your guests with accommodation options well in advance.

If your selected venue is close to (or in) Stellenbosch itself, you could further recommend that your wedding guests book Stellenbosch accommodation at a nearby guesthouse. This will serve as a convenient base to get to and from the main event.

Contact us for more information or to make arrangements for your wedding accommodation needs.